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Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:04 pm
by RSidorov
The creation of the Pleshchenitsy geophysical observatory dates back to 1958. Currently it is a branch of the The Centre of Geophysical Monitoring of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (CGM NASB). The observatory is located about 65 km to the north of Minsk on the outskirts of the Pleshchenitsy settlement. This area is located within the Belarusian massif, where the crystalline basement lies at a depth of 500-550 m.

On the basis of the Pleshchenitsy geophysical observatory, continuous variational observations of the elements of the geomagnetic field D, Z, H, T are carried out to study their secular variations. Such observations on the territory of Belarus have been conducted since 1960.

In 2019, Geophysical Center RAS and the Centre of Geophysical Monitoring of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Plans were made for further joint development of the observatory, including:
  • equipping the Pleshchenitsy Observatory with a set of modern magnetometric equipment;
  • organizing the transfer of geomagnetic data to the MAGNUS system based on the GC RAS ​​in quasi-real time mode;
  • subsequent data analysis for compliance with INTERMAGNET standards;
  • launching a scalar magnetometer in the mode of continuous recording of values;
  • conducting detailed geomagnetic surveys in the territory the observatory;
  • producing a fluxgate vector magnetometer using the IF NANB facilities.

Re: Minsk Observatory (MNK)

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:19 pm
by RSidorov
Maгнитная обсерватория "Минск" (МNК), (Плещеницы, Беларусь) вошла в сеть под управлением геомагнитного центра. См. страницу обсерватории. Данные обсерватории MNK вскоре будут доступны в разделе Загрузка данных.

Re: Minsk Observatory (MNK)

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:51 am
by Khomutov
Хорошая новость... Конечно, было бы лучше, наверное, где-нибудь в Благовещенске или в Сургуте. :-)
Вариации пишутся, на вид, чисто и устойчиво. А что там с абсолютными наблюдениями? Что за магнитометры? Кто наблюдатели? Остались ли старые спецы?
Приглашаем магнитологов тамошних в Паратунку для обмена опытом.